ken schappe massage (massage and dog)
massage therapy, Swedish massage, medical massage, Shiatsu massage, deep tissue massage, rehabilitative massage therapy
About the Practitioner

Ken Schappe
education:Swedish Institute of Massage, British Institute of Homeopathy
Everyone that walks through the door of my practice deserves 100% of my attention, a smile and a hug if needed. If you leave my office with a smile rather than a frown, I know I have made a difference in your day, and you in turn, have made a difference in mine! My modalities are varied and adaptable to your needs and desires. They include Swedish Massage, deep tissue Massage,medical massage, Shiatsu Massage and acupressure as well as various aids in diagnostics inclusive of Applied Kinesiology and other muscle testing. I first gravitated to Massage therapy as a career after studying martial arts and oriental philosophy. In my 34th year of practice I still love what the job entails and will continue to learn, refine and work at it until the joy dissipates.
Some of my hobbies or therapeutics for my soul include daily jogs, music and Tai Chi, gardening, music and carpentry. I love animals and on the right day, my dog Taj may be there to greet you at the door.



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