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Spring Greening!

 post winter sigh!

Welcome to the winter thaw. Spring brings us the awakening of all that has slept through the winter's cold. In accordance with the eastern "THeory of the Five Elements" this season's color is green. It's merideans are the Liver and Gall Bladder which correspond to the organs of the same name. It's associated emotions are ANGER and SHOUTING...Taste of sour and odor rancid. THese merideans are all about the soft tissues of ligament and tendon. Climate association is wind and the time of day is roughly 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. Often if someone mentions they can't fall asleepuntil 3 a.m. or they sleep and awaken with immediacey within this time frame a wood imbalance is calling out for help! This is the element of WOOD and it is all about birth and planting. 

The element that that feeds and fortifues WOOD is Water. Water feeds wood, helps it with its birth and nurtures it so it can grow. The water element is made up of  the BLadder and Kidney merideans.

THe Gall Bladder element is involved with decision making. Someone who has trouble making up their mind, or waffles to and fro most likely has a Gall Bladder imbalance. Liver is anger. Volatilitly and explosive reactions spell Liver meridean issues. Additionally the Liver meridean is planning. THese identifications can exhibit in abundance or absence of reactions. Burning or dry eyes might be attributed to Liver issues. The sense organ of the Wood element is the eyes. Cataracts, vision issues, tears or lack of are associated with the Wood element.

Cleansing after winter dormancy is commonly absorbed in animal behavior and humans can initiate this by fasting or dietary alterations. THese endeavors can help purge the build up of toxins and or sludge from within the body. Fasting gives the digestive system a rest and with the right combination of juice cleanse you can keep the motility within the intestines active while also cleansing them of any past debris. One such juice fast consists of fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice with AAA maple syrup and cayene pepper to keep everything moving while offering you an enjoyable flavor and nutrients. Any fast must include some excercise, movement and activity, bodywork,  massage therapy, acupuncture or Shiatsu massage to be truly successful. These additional efforts flush out the old and nurture the body by bringing in the new (increased oxygen at the cellular level, increased blood flow and circulation, increased Chi or Ki)). The duration of the adventure is entirely based on your circumstances, stamina and needs. The awakening depends on your perseverance.



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