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massage therapy, NEW AGE?

Massage, “New Age”?

It is acknowledged that massage is an art\science that is traced back to ancient civilizations in China, Japan, Egypt, Mesopotaniia, Greece and Rome. Evidence takes it back nearly 5000 years and an early book written on the subject was Cong Fou of the Tao-Tse from that early period. Western culture attributes the Greeks and Romans as the first civilizations to indulge.
Thus the science of massage has been a maturing “work in progress” for a long long time and has spent “ages” proving its relevance.

As a science there are many benefits that one derives from massage. To list but a few:
-increase in oxygen supply at the cellular level thus supplying an increase in blood supply to the heart, muscles, joints, ligaments and organs along with an increase in drainage of the blood supply to facilitate a reduction in edema and inflammation
-the break up of adhesions and scar tissue after the formation of secondary tissue from the aftermath of physical trauma, aid in the limiting of fibrosis and combating muscle atrophy
-increase in lymphatic drainage to aid in the overall efficiency of body function
-increase in the muscles’ ability to take in nutrients and thus maximize the benefits of exercise and muscle growth
-help in skin function, organ efficiency and help in reduction of fatty deposits and cellulite
-increase in peristalsis, elimination and absorption of vitamins minerals and nutrients in general via more efficient digestive function and better intestinal function
-additionally releasing endorphins, relaxing the body and the mind thus aiding in clarity of thought, deeper breathing and overall tone and health

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