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"Ken provides focused, health promoting massage therapy for both areas of discomfort and for general relaxation. I have received services with Ken for over three years and truly believe my medical condition has improved because of him."                                                                     

M.S. Highland,NY

"Ken is the consummate professional. His office is clean, always ready for you when you get there and he listens carefully to what you are saying about your body.  He has been 'working' with my husband, our daughter and myself for many years. When one of us has a problem, he makes sure he can see us right away. Ken will suggest a therapy based on what he thinks will help the most, and it does! He has magic hands. We always count on Ken to take care of us."

S.G. Bloomington,NY 

Over 20 years ago I was suffering from lower back pain. I had exhausted all other traditional medical routes and sought out massage therapy with no expectations other than maybe some temporary pain relief.  I told Ken "I have a bad back!" His reply, "You have a good back but a bad pain...let's get to work." From the start I was comfortable, cared for and safe on his table. He encouraged me to be an active participant in my treatment and offered suggestions of how I might enhance our sessions with excercises and stretches to be done at home, on my own. My back pain is history now, but I can only hope that my journey with Ken is unending. HE has been an integral part of my life through illness and wellness and the benefits of his massage extends into my quallity of llife. I have an unqualified appreciation for his integrity, superlative massage therapy skills and musical expertise. I also think I should note...he has a wicked sense of humor!

 M.B. Ulster Park,NY

I have been a client of Ken's for over 20 years and I can't recommend him highly enough!  Ken has used Shiatsu, Swedish massage and Acupressure techniques at various times, depending on what I needed at the time. Ken is highly intuitive and can often determine the source of the problem and treat it, not just relieving symptoms but getting directly to the cause. He is extemely caring and compassionate.  ***** Five star rating

S.F  Rosendale,NY


I have been a client of Ken's for five years and have found his skills diverse and intuitive. He has helped me get through a difficult period with my shoulder and we have had sessions inclusive of Swedish, Shiatsu and magnet therapies. He is a good guy to have in the neighborhood and I look forward to my weekly sessions with him.

J.R. Highland, NY


I have been a client of Ken's for nearly 30 years because he has provided me with insighful,intuitive and personalized massage therapy. In my experience, Ken has the unique ability to look at a client and see the issues at hand. Better yet he has the skills and intuition to help the body mend. By far Ken provides the best Swedish Massage I have experienced. Having recently moved out of the region I still manage book appointments when in the area for business or pleasure..In my opinion he is simply the best and his dog Taj is pretty awesome as well.

K.C.  Belchertown,Mass.


I first sought Ken's help on the advice of my daughter in the mid 1990's. I was heading off to tennis camp and had an issue with my right hand that was inhibiting my ability to hold my tennis racket. My daughter was already a long term client and she suggested that Ken might be able to help with my dilemma. I made an appontment with him at his New Paltz office and was greeted by a friendly smile and an interest that instilled confidence in me. By the time I left the office I felt I was ready compete on the court and that I did for the entire week of tennis camp, without a hitch I might add. To this day I continue to seek him out for physical issues. I still tell my friends about our first encounter, his affable demeanor and his willingness to listen and learn from what I have to say. Ken is always complimentary, friendly and grateful for the trust I have in our work together. Generally we use  Swedish and Medical Massage in support of treatment.

P.J. Poughkeepsie, NY


A Christmas gift certificate was the impetous for my first contact with Ken Schappe. That first session was an unforgettable experience.  Three years later, after suffering a stroke and losing  function of my right side, I reconnected with Ken for his help in my recovery.  My recovery "at his hands"  has been significant and I continue to enlist him as my therapist.  He is skiiled, knowledgeable and professional.  I trust him deeply and enjoy our sessions as well as the jazz music that he has shared with me as an added bonus.

Father R. Phoenicia, NY 


I am a recent retiree from the carpenters union and taking a look back I would have to say that Ken was an important part of my getting to this point.  He helped me with my physical injuries from the job and, in turn,  helped keep me working for the  20 years+ that we have been working together. We started in New Paltz and I followed him down the road to Highland 7 or 8 years ago.  We continue to work together now that I am retired from my primary career.

C.D.    New paltz, N.Y.


Having Ken as one my massage therapists for the last 25 years has helped me considerably in dealing with life's everyday activities and stressors. He has not been my only therapist of this nature but inevitably, when in need of his professional expertise for injury or malaise, he has always extended himself to help guide me through the healing process. Ken is consistant and reliable and in today's world, a rarity.  P.S.: the music is always entertaining, diverse and never mundane!  

J.D.     New Paltz, N.Y.


Had a brief couple of sessions with this guy for my shoulder. The miraculous events that took place pretty much blew me away.  In passing through town I thought I would give it a shot, without thinking that all that much would transpire. By the end of two sessions I came to the conclusion that this guy, with his experience and intuitiveness, is the real thing. Need I say more? My shoulder is  extremely grateful and I would go back if in the area. Further, what a music collection. Brahms and Jarrett to the Dead, folk, bluegrass, jazz and even metal. A veritable radio station with taste!  Later.

T.L.     Pasaic, N.J.


Dude has been awesome. Had an injury to my right shoulder, he addressed and conquered it in three sessions. Good as new, oh and a pretty complete musical experience as well.

B.R.  Tilson, N.Y.


Over this past year I was introduced to Ken via a mutual friend. His skills were apparent during our first session. He has been very helpful in many ways and I would highly recommend his skill set for those in need. He can be subtle in his approach or provide considerably deep, aggressive work when necessary. I do not live in the Hudson Valley, but travel two hours by bus to utilize his services and look forward to every treatment.

M.M.  Brooklyn, NY


This guys creativity and intuitive response to my needs blew me away. He comes highly recommended! I have seen him once and plan on going back.

D.B.  New Windsor, NY


"Ken, Thank you for all the years you took such good care of us. Your talent and care was always appreciated. "                   

T. S. and P.S.  Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

My favorite "deep tissue" therapist, Ken has "saved my soul" numerous times over the last 20 or so years. We first met after I had a car accident, he accepted my no-fault case, and have been with ever since. We started in New Paltz and he migrated to Highland 20+ years later even closer to my home.

L.B. and B.B.   Highland, NY

Have seen Ken during my "spurts of need" since the late 90's and no matter what I present with, after a few weeks of work I am ready to move on, refreshed and reinvigorated.  I am grateful for the help and support....

S.W.  Gardener, NY

Having been a client for nearly 20 years I was without for two. Having come back for a second wind, so to speak, I am reminded of how much more efficiently my body and mind work with this kind of attention. Be iit maintenance or addressing an acute malady, the reward speaks for itself. 

returning client, Newburgh, NY

First trip to this office was post auto accident with help from my auto insurance company. Visits were helpful dealing with post accident lower back and neck issues.  THe experience was very helpful, enjoyable and helped me get back in touch with my body. I AM FEELING MUCH BETTER! THank you can and thank you to the insurance company for the therapy as well.

J. I. Highland, NY

Ken has very helpful in keeping both myself and husband more relaxed and better able to deal with the stressors of our lives.  Loving the music as well.

K.A. Highland, NY

Started working with Ken in the 80's and continue to seek his support and skills on a monthly basis. His experience and continuing education make him one of the best L.M.T.'s I have encountered therapeutically. For a simply relaxing, "leave it all behind you", kind of session, he excels and the unlimited musical selections allow you to help choreograph your own escape. Highly recommended!!!!

B.U.  New Paltz,NY

Very pleasant surprise. Landed here via No-Fault. Having seen another therapist, was looking  to shorten my trips. Found Ken and am astounded by the comfort he has provided and the healing that has transpired after only two months. I am a pianist and his source of musical knowledge and library has been an added pleasure. I Have to recommend a visit here.  ****

M.C. Ellenville,NY  

Read reviews and visited website. First visit was delayed but I found the experience well worth the wait. Second visit quality was upheld. What I requested was achieved without fuss and the music was great!  five stars....

J.S.  NYC , NY

First found Ken through an auto accident via no-fault. He has been accommodating and extremely helpful in getting my back and neck back to function. I have enjoyed our sessions immensely and feel much better. The insurance company has since decided that I no longer need him, which I do dispute, however I am now a full fledged client -insurance or not. ******

M.C. Hurley, NY

I wrote this for Ken to transpose onto the website as a testimonial. Truth is I made the appointment having been referred for a back issue by a friend. I am not someone who has thought about massage therapy before and was very skeptical, cautious, and a bit resistant to making this appointment. I stalled and then finally committed and made the phone call. That part was easy, got in within a day due to my urgency and found the experience to be very helpful and I am a bit taken by my hesitation. The session lasted over an hour, as needed, and by the time we finished I felt very relieved. The man seems to have a sense via his hands, to find the troubled areas and apply the needed amount of force, or not, to help the muscles find their way back from trauma. I am glad my dear friend referred me and thankful that Ken knows his way around the human body. Overall I would have to recommend if needed and Ken has the experience to make a difference. He did for me.

B.L. Catskill, NY 

Deep tissue, reclaimation work, meridian therapy, this guys got the tools and he has a musical library that dwarfs most collections. Overall a five star experience that I have to recommend if you are in need or just want to relax and get some maintenance. I will be back, twas worth the traveling time!

T. O.  Green County, NY

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