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An Eastern Approach to Winter


Winter is a time for internalization. A time for thought, preparation, replenishment and emotional cleansing.  Water, the predominant substance of the earth and our bodies, is considered by eastern culture to be the lead element of this  season. Water, the element contains the bladder and kidney merideans

Associations of this season are as follows:

climate=cold  direction=north  flavor=salty       emotion=fear/anxiety     associated time of day=bladder is 3-5 pm  kidneys 5-7 pm organ=ears  sound=groaning           anatomical associations=bones,hair,skull and spine

the kidneys are said to rule over reproduction.


WHat does all this mean?  Common sense tells us to dress warm to keep our bodies warm and dry. Any extreme indication from any of the above associations would lead a practitioner to treat an imbalance of these energies. Examples that might present  would be perhaps dry, limp hair, reoccurring spinal subluxations, salt cravings or extreme fatigue during the hours of 3-7 pm., ear pain or hearing issues and many others.


Diet: Preferred foods are those that would help produce the heat your body needs to stay warm in the cold environs. Carbohydrates and whole proteins will do the best job. Do not over eat! Garlic, cayene pepper and ginger root and other rooted vegetable (carrots,turnips,onions) are all helpful.


Exercise: Essential during the winter to strengthen the core and the mind. Meditation, Yoga and T'ai Chi are just a few internal strengtheners.


Herbs: Comfrey: lungs and intestines  Burdock: lungs, blood and skin  Marshmallow: bronchials, bladder and kidney anti-inflamatories  flaxseed: urinary tract inflamation and boils              Nettle: diuretic, astringent  Fenugreek: kidney, adrenal tonic and lung tonic


The Chinese regard the kidney meridean as the LIFE FORCE RULER! So be it: use this time for strengthening these ever- important energies and be sure to stay hydrated.  

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